Yoga and nation building to go side by side

The Government has to bring black money

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev has demanded that the black money hidden in foreign banks be declared as national assets. In this connection, he has written a letter to the Prime Minister. Baba told that of the total 40 lakh crore black money, over 25 percent is hidden in the nation and invested in gold and property. The union Government has, hitherto, not taken even a single decision, which indicates the seriousness of the Government to bring black money back to the nation. He reiterated that over 70 percent of the black money is stashed in Switzerland and if this money alone is brought back to the country, it would make miraculous changes.

Yog Guru

While addressing a press conference in Patanjali Yogpeeth, Baba said that he would make people healthy with the yoga and also continue work to nation building, via Swabhiman trust. He said that it is the moral responsibility of the union Government to pass Jan Lokpal bill in the winter session of the Parliament. In a letter written to the Prime Minister, he demanded that the millions of illegal money stashed in foreign banks be declared black money and make efforts to bring it back to the nation. He alleged that most of the black money has been deposited by the politicians.

The industrialists being patronized by the politicians too have earned black money. The black money has damaged the backbone of the nation. If we want to re-build the nation, the Prime Minister should shed tenacity and take concrete steps to bring black money back to the nation. Baba Ramdev said that he is not distantly associated with the politics but has vowed to clean politics. He reiterated the need of Lokpal for the purpose.

Source: Yog Sandesh Jan 2012