Patanjali Yogpeeth Working For The Health And Prosperity Of The Country

The highest food processor association, AIFCA, Delhi, with the help of Ministry of Food Procession (MoFPI) under the joint aegis of MSME and APEDA held a good exhibition. In the three day exhibition, the main objective was to promote food procession, food procession plants,machineries, packaging machines and products and laboratory equipments and others.

In the workshop, arranged on food procession industry of able prosperity, KK Mishra and Sanjay Shrivastava represented Patanjali Food and Herbal Park, Haridwar. On the occasion KK Mishra said that most honorable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj clearly opined that healthy diet is the base of healthy life. if a body gets healthy diet, he can never fell ill. He informed that our ancestors were living in joint family and eat mixed diet. He informed that the total price of grains produced at barren and non-irrigated land in Patanjali Food Park was given to the farmers.Besides Patanjali Yogpeeth is also stocking hundreds of tons of herbals, aloe-vera and aola, which is bringing prosperity among the people and in urban areas.

In the massive campaign for health and prosperity, it would lead to a revolution in the field of agriculture. With the agriculture evolution, 70 crore farmers and labors, depending highly on agriculture are getting prosperity, self-dignity and self-dependence.

On the occasion KK Mishra said that honorable Maharajshri believes that Patanjali Yogpeeth is realizing the dream of healthy farmer, wealthy nation. Patanjali Yogpeeth too had installed a stall, where the company’s ideology was widely informed. The Patanjali products were sold in record numbers.

Source : Yog Sandesh Feb 2013