Baba Ramdev ji has said that the next Parliament elections are akin to dharma-yudha in which the people, having foreign lineage would understand the meaning of playing with the dignity of the nation. The preparation for the purpose has been started at war-footing. The journey for the nation always starts from Uttar Pradesh and `dharma-yudha` would begin from here itself.

dharma-yudha Baba Ramdev was addressing `Rashtra Dharma Sankalp sabha`, held under the aegis of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel memorial committee in Patel Park in front of GPO. The President of the committee is former minister Rajkumar Verma. He, while addressing the gathering said that `tehravi` ritual of all the sinners would be performed in the next Parliament polls in 2013 for which cast your ballot, where he (Baba) suggests. Baba does not want anything. He said that Uttar Pradesh is the land of Ramkrishna and Shiva and added that we are followers of such big personalities. Now each of us shall follow `rashtra dharma`or else would be called traitor.

Baba called on the people not to vote any of the sinners in the Parliament polls and hence block their entry in the lower house. He suggested voting for good candidates in other parties and extending support to them. He said that the party, which does not have any character, no contribution in the development and the growth of the nation is ruling the nation, and nothing could be bigger shameful than this. He said that had Patel led the nation, the condition would not have so pathetic at this junction. Rajkumar Verma welcomed Baba and discussed the contribution of Patel and the objectives of Baba.

While echoing the issue of reservation in promotion,he said that the matter has been raised to divide the community and now pressure should be mounted on representation than reservation. He recalled that Dr Ambedkar and honorable Kanshiram has always emphasized on education, health and better environment for the downtrodden class.

Source : Yog Sandesh Feb 2013