Farmers kept Indian culture alive – Swami Ramdev

On the 77th birth anniversary of farmers’ leader Mahendra Singh Tikait, a mahapanchayat was organized in Sisauli, his native place.


Swami Ramdevji Maharaj too was invited, who announced to hold Kisan Panchayats in Lucknow and Delhi to highlight the problems of farmers and to take the fight, initiated by Mahendra Singh Tikait to the logical conclusion.


The birth anniversary of Tikait was celebrated as Kisan Jagrati Diwas. The busts of Takait and Najunda Swami were unveiled. A museum, in memory of Tikait was also inaugurated. While addressing the Mahapanchayat, Yogguru Swami Ramdev said that the culture and tradition of our country are alive due to the farmers’ community and not due to political leaders. Gandhi family did nothing for the nation, except looting it. He said that Tikait has always struggled for the cause of farmers. He termed the policy-makers of the nation as dishonest and sought help, bringing back Rs 400 lakh crore ill-gotten money, deposited in foreign banks.  He said that if that money is brought back, each village would get share of Rs 100 crore for the development and civic amenities.

The former Chief Minister of Haryana, Omprakash Chautala said that whenever, farmers are suppressed, a new kisan leader is born.

The all India spokesman of Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU), Rakesh Singh Takait announced that to highlight the problems of the farmers’ two kisan panchayats would be arranged. In Lucknow, kisan panchayat would be held on February 18 and in Delhi on March 18. Swami Ramdevji Maharaj also unveiled the idols of Chaudhary Mahendra Singh Tikait and Najunda Swami in Kisan Bhavan.

Source : Yog Sandesh Nov 2012