Awakening of youths could put India at the top – Swami Ramdev

Yoga Rishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj, on the occasion said that the youths are the future of the nation.He said that if youths get awaken, none could stop India becoming the top leader of the world. Expressing importance of Yoga and Pranayam, Swamiji Maharaj told the participants, who had come from all the corners of the country, that Yoga is the core of our culture. Meditation is a complete process, which not only gives natural power but super-natural power too on occasions. He suggested reciting `Gayatri mantra` while breathing in and out during yoga. He said that at least 20 minutes a day shall be given to yoga and exercise. Expressing principle of unity in diversity, he said that somewhere `Om` is spelled and at other places `Aameen`, but meaning of both is the same.He said power has always caused conflict.

Devine forces and demons, both wanted to be powerful but we shall be good person by virtue of our character and good thoughts.Kill demon prevailing inside you and broaden your views.Follow some system and rules in the life. For patients follow Yoga medical system, for common man, controlled life system and for devotee, meditation system. It does not mean if someone is poor, belonging to lower caste, with village background shall be neglected. The god has made everyone a human being with cloths of skin to all. But this does not mean that you relinquish cloths. And if the god has made you wealthier person, this does not mean that you stop working. A man shall always work with positive and right attitude and leave the result on the almighty. Only end of work is the time to take rest. This nature is like god but a human being is getting greedy. He forgets what he has in possession but desires for more. When his lust is not fulfilled, he gets dissatisfied.


Swamiji told three `mantras` for the success in the life. He asked youths to have bigger perspective and said that living with small objectives and mean mentality is an insult to the life. He asked to work hard with full commitment and do not deviate. Give more time and achieve the goal. Swamiji said that youths shall kill demon of corruption within them. Self-building would lead to the nation building. This is the main objective of the agitation. First-of-all bring positive change in your behavior and nature.

In Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, the rulers Gaddafi, Bain Ali and Hosni Mubarak were dethroned but till then, their crime and financial irregularities had not come before the world. In the name of public welfare, they too had given free education and made broad tar roads. They always claimed self as true patriot and honest. But everybody was shocked, when the truth was exposed. The GDP of Libya is 3.7 lakh crore and the assets of Gaddafi was worth Rs 10 lakh crore sprawling from America, Britain, Canada and Australia besides other nations. He had 1400 quintal gold alone. It is the story of a single dictator, who ruled a small poor country of 65 lakh population for over 42 years.

Swamiji said that there is strong need of an economic revolution. To end corruption, big denomination currency shall be withdrawn immediately. The black money of the nation deposited in foreign banks shall be brought back immediately. Bigger currency is more utilized in the country. Giving figures, he said that 1000 rupees notes are being used in 32 percent transactions, 500 notes in 47 % transactions, 100 rupees currency in 15 %, 50 rupees in 2%, 20 rupees in 7 % and 5 rupees in barely 1 % transactions. Means, in 93 % transactions only big currency is used.

Source : Yog Sandesh Feb 2013